PASD Hybrid Model Likely for Fall

PASD Hybrid Model Likely for Fall
Posted on 07/01/2020
PASD Hybrid Model Likely for Fall

Port Angeles, WA – Each school district across the State of Washington has been tasked with preparing for three delivery models next school year: (1) Regular Brick and Mortar Learning, (2) Remote Learning Model 2.0, and (3) Hybrid Model with part-time in-person and part-time remote. Port Angeles School District (PASD) will likely implement a hybrid schedule, combining in-classroom with remote/online instruction for the 20-21 school year. This matter will be before the PASD Board at a special meeting set for July 2nd at 3:30pm. Superintendent Brewer will be recommending an AB AB hybrid model – students would be split into two groups (A and B). The A group would generally attend school on Mondays and Thursdays. The B group would attend on Tuesdays and Fridays. The other days would be online learning. The selection of a hybrid model allows PASD to move forward with operational planning. PASD remains committed to maximizing in-person learning, improving the quality of remote learning, and providing for the health and safety of our school community.

The process for determining these next steps began in early June with a parent survey. Over 1,300 families participated and provided invaluable feedback. A delivery model work group (with over 50 participants including teachers, para educators, secretaries, administration, students, parents, and others) took that feedback and came up with possible options for the school year. Those options were presented at a community forum last week. There, community members and parents asked questions and provided thoughts on next school year. It was based on that feedback that the work group and Superintendent Brewer are recommending the AB AB model to the Board for approval on July 2nd.

The strengths of the AB AB model are the frequency of seeing students (every 2-3 days). For example, this allows the schools to send food bags home in preparation of the next day. It also will allow for educational justice, meaning groups most impacted by COVID-19 or having most needs might be able to attend more frequently. The model also offers flexibility on Wednesdays to support online learning and safety (cleaning can be done each evening and on Wednesdays). The challenge for this model is a lack of routine and impact on families (child care and supporting at-home learning).

However, health and safety requirements from the Department of Health and OSPI mandate that the District do the following: conduct a health screening at entry, require cloth facial coverings/face shields, and keep desks physically distanced at six feet apart. With the current requirements on physical distancing in each classroom, it is most likely that PASD will begin the 20-21 school year in the Hybrid Model.

Superintendent Brewer said ”Our goal is to provide the maximum amount of in-person instruction while continuing to follow the Department of Health’s requirements for social distancing.” Brewer added “Should the State allow us to return to ‘normal’ school, we are ready for that. Should the State not allow for any in-person instruction, we will be ready for a full distance learning model that includes grading and increased accountability for students, along with attendance requirements."

PASD will be providing a choice between an AB AB model or a 100% online option for families who are not ready to send their student back to a school building. Seaview Academy is 100% online and is more in line with a homeschool option. Seaview students will have one Port Angeles based teacher, utilizing the Odysseyware platform. Benefits of Seaview include graduating with your class at PAHS, participating in school clubs and sports, and having the ability to return to your regular school should you decide.

Assistant Superintendent Chuck Lisk said “We think these options reflect the values and priorities that surfaced during the community forum, parent survey, and workgroup sessions.”

Families can expect a mailing sent home next week with additional information and form to complete/return with their preferences regarding A or B group or if they will elect to be online at Seaview Academy. This information will allow staff to build schedules around how many students will be in school buildings in the fall. We will be staffing one teacher per 12-16 students in school buildings, depending on the square footage available to meet the 6 foot social distancing requirements.

We know the uncertainty for next school year is stressful, and there are still a lot of unknowns. PASD is working diligently to provide additional answers and details in the next few weeks.

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