Pilot Programs

The Port Angeles School District is currently running multiple pilot projects in order to gather information to help plan future technology use within the district.

Current Pilot Programs

  • 30 Nexus 7 tablets at Port Angeles High School for use in an advanced calculus math class.
  • Last year we completed our Nexus tablet pilot program.  This was a two year program that start with deployment in a 5th grade class at Franklin Elementary.  In the second year the 30 tablets were moved to the Port Angeles High School where they were used by the Advanced Calculus students to access online curriculum

    Here’s what we learned:



    Good battery life (5 hours)

    No keyboard limits usage

    Hold up well to student use (low failure/breakage rate).

    Difficult to manage

    Cost effective (around $100 each)

    Not compatible with district MAP or state assessments.

Conclusion: These have value for consuming data but are difficult to use to create content.  They are also difficult to manage.  For a marginal cost difference the Chromebook is a much better investment.

  • Nearly 700 Chromebooks district wide 2014-15.
    • Initially 30 placed at Stevens Middle School for use in science classes
    • Chromebooks were put into use 11/03/2015
    • Now being used in conjunction with Google classroom in many instances.

    Our Chromebook pilot has grown to over 2000 devices.  This is no longer a pilot project.  The use of Chromebooks has become a key component of instruction at the Port Angeles School District.  We are using them in every grade Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  They are used in instruction and for assessment. 

  • Kajeet Smartbus 2017-18

The Kajeet SmartBus is a pilot program that allows wireless connectivity on a bus or van while in transit.  It includes CIPA compliant filtering to protect students while using the internet away from school campus.  Our current usage is allowing students to use our district Chromebooks while in transit to distant sporting or music events.  We have had success with coaches working with players to finish homework helping them to stay on track for graduation.  This could be expensive depending on the type of media used for instruction.  Video consumes large quantities of data and we pay by the megabyte.

Unofficial Pilot Programs

These programs are unofficial because they were funded by the building or program for specific needs within the classroom. We are monitoring the programs to gather information regarding success and struggles.

  • 20 iPad Mini's at Roosevelt Elementary. Used building wide for different projects.
  • 10 – 7” Insignia Windows 8 tablets with a shared OneNote class notebook in Office 365.