Board Approves Letter for Dissolution of the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center

Board Approves Letter for Dissolution of the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center
Posted on 08/11/2017
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Port Angeles, Wash. – The Port Angeles School District Board of Directors approved a letter regarding the dissolution of the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center (NOPSC) signed by Superintendent Marc Jackson and Board President Joshua Jackson to the Superintendent of the Office of Public Instruction at its Thursday, August 10, 2017 school board meeting.

As noted in the letter, the “NOPSC was located in Port Angeles, Washington, and formed by a consortium of five school districts:  Cape Flattery, Crescent, Quillayute Valley, Sequim, and Port Angeles.  Peninsula College has been an educational partner in the consortium. As the host district, Port Angeles has been responsible for the planning, construction, administration, operation and fiscal services of the skill center pursuant to WAC 392-600-010 (3)…. however, the Port Angeles School District regretfully requests that the NOSPC be given permission to initiate the dissolution process set forth for skill centers.  The NOPSC is currently not fiscally sustainable; the facility does not have an adequate student enrollment required for skill centers under Washington law nor the likelihood of increasing student enrollment; and following the voluntary withdrawal of consortium members the only remaining school district participating in the Skill Center is Port Angeles.  However, Port Angeles does not have sufficient student enrollment within the District to meet the requirements for operating a single-district skill center.”   

The Port Angeles School District also requested following the dissolution skill center facility(ies) operated by NOPSC constructed or modernized with state funding revert to the Port Angeles School District, where the facility(ies) is/are physically located pursuant to WAC 392-600-120 (1) (c).


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Tina Smith-O’Hara
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