Seventh graders take science field trip to Hurricane Ridge

Seventh graders take science field trip to Hurricane Ridge
Posted on 07/27/2018
Seventh graders take science field trip to Hurricane RidgeAll Stevens Middle School seventh graders had to opportunity to experience the unique environment of Hurricane Ridge during spring science field trips.  “We improve the science curriculum by adding relevant local connections and hands-on experience,” said Daniel Lieberman, science teacher.  “When the Olympic National Park is in your backyard, why not take the classroom there?”

Strapping on snowshoes, students cycled through outdoor instructional stations in small groups, concluding with a nature walk with a park ranger. 

Back in the classroom, students wrote about their field trip experiences:

SMS Field Trip Students

“I loved the experience, because that was the first time I went up there,” wrote Jaeda Elofson.

“One thing I learned about the environment at Hurricane Ridge is that the weather can change very quickly,” wrote Abby Frank. “My favorite part of the trip was the snowshoe hike.”

“I learned that many animals, like salmon, depend on the snow to live,” wrote Reef Gelder.

“I learned pollution is making a big impact on glaciers and how we get our water,” wrote Ashlynn Helgeson.

“Every winter we’re getting less snowfall,” wrote Kylie Weed.

“At Hurricane Ridge, we spent time outside learning about nature and snow avalanches.  Inside the lodge, we learned about climate change and human history,” wrote Jacob Miller.

“I thought it was fantastic,” said Scott Soule, teacher. “One of the potentially most influential field trips that I have been associated with.”

Photos by Patsene Dashiell/PASD
Seventh grader Hunter Kendall studies a snow sample through a magnifying glass to discern its unique characteristics.

Seventh grader Chris Brown holds up a slab of freshly cut snow during a demonstration of how avalanches are formed. 

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