School Buses to Deliver Wi-Fi

School Buses to Deliver Wi-Fi
Posted on 05/04/2020
School Buses to Deliver Wi-Fi

Good afternoon,

Since the beginning of the governor-mandated school closure on March 17th, Port Angeles School District (PASD) has been creating a remote instruction plan for student learning. This online learning model relies heavily on devices for students. PASD has been working hard to ensure students have access to a device for their online instruction. To date, over 330 classroom Chromebooks have been issued to students for use during the school closure. The district also understands that not all students have access to the internet. Accordingly, PASD has invested in Wi-Fi technology that we have integrated into five school buses. We are using CradlePoint technology to propagate a cellular signal via Wi-Fi to students within 400 feet of the bus.

This is an exciting time because it allows PASD to bring internet into neighborhoods via the traditional school bus. By installing this technology in a school bus and parking that bus in a neighborhood, students can access the internet and lessons from their phone, tablet, or computer. This is significant for our students.

Beginning Tuesday, May 5th, the PASD Wi-Fi buses will be at the following locations Monday through Friday:


   • Evergreen Village (on the service road between Evergreen Village and Evergreen Court), 2203 W 18th Street

   • Elwha Veterans Center (parking lot), 247 NS’Klallam Drive

   • Fairview Elementary (parking lot), 166 Lake Farm Road

   • Fairview Bible Church (parking lot), 385 O’Brien Road

   • Hilltop Ridge Apartments (parking lot), 1914 S. Pine Street


   • LEKT Tribal Center (front parking lot), 2851 Lower Elwha Road

   • House of Learning (parking lot), 291 Spokwes Drive

   • Gasman Road and Lemmon Road

   • Gales Addition (at the end of the cul-de-sac) 7th Ave E. off of Gale Street

   • Evergreen Court Apartments (grassy area next to fence), 2202 W. 16th Street

Please check our website at www.portangelesschools.org for updated information about school bus Wi-Fi and other important information during the school closure.

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