Soroptimists Spring 2018 STAR Awards for PAHS, LHS Juniors

Soroptimists Spring 2018 STAR Awards for PAHS, LHS Juniors
Posted on 05/04/2018
Soroptimists Spring 2018 STAR Awards for PAHS, LHS JuniorsThe following Port Angeles High School students received Soroptimist STAR Awards on April 20:

Hollund Bailey, received recognition for Academics. Bailey was introduced by teacher John Gallagher, who said,” Hollund was recommended by other students, which is unusual.  They told me that Hollund does great things around campus.  His teachers say he is a role model for his classmates, because he stands up for what’s right.”
Adam Logan, science teacher, added,” Hollund has been credited with starting up the garden club to begin to beautify the campus.”

Aeverie Politika, honored for Business, was introduced by teacher Lisa Joslin, who said, “You know our future will be in good hands with a student like Aeverie.  It makes your heart smile.” 

Jennifer Rogers, CTE teacher and basketball coach, added,” Aeverie focuses on TEAM FIRST!”

Madelynne Jones was nominated for Vocal Music.  She is earning a double star award, because she received a STAR last January.  Madelynne was nominated by Jolene Gailey, her choral instructor, who said, “Everything she touches, she does the golden job.  She’s in Bella Voca, Chamber orchestra and is learning how to conduct the choir and orchestra.  Very intelligent, gifted young woman who works like crazy.”

“Music has kind of taken over my life,” said Madelynne, who performed a song for the group on the ukulele.

Hollee Schnabel, nominated by Jonathan Picker, senior Naval science instructor for NJROTC, received recognition for her Extracurricular/Community Service.  
“What I see every day---she is my supply officer---I have complete trust she is managing things very well,” said Captain Picker.  “How far she goes to help other people---serving veterans, other people in the community---is incredible.”

Hollee thanked the Soroptimist group, adding, “You are a prestigious group of women and it’s phenomenal that you give these awards.”

Mariah Givens from Lincoln High School was nominated by Everett Young, Social Studies teacher, for Academics.  “Every day, she comes in and is always very positive,” said Mr. Young.  “Mariah brings me and the other kids up.”
“I want to do something with children,” Mariah shared with the audience.  “I have a passion for children.”

Soroptimist Club criteria selection for STAR awards includes: effort and willingness to work at subject; success in the specific areas; passing in all subjects; above average grads in specific subject area; and extracurricular activity in specific area (not required but may be considered).

STARS group WS (featured) - Soroptimist STAR recipients for spring 2018, standing with a Soroptimist representative, were (from left) Hollund Bailey, Madelynne Jones, Mariah Givens, Aeverie Politika and Hollee Schnabel.

SI STARS April 2018 Aeverie Politika – PAHS junior Aeverie Politika was nominated for a Business award by Lisa Joslin, CTE instructor.

SI STARS April 2018 007 John G Hollund B – PAHS junior Hollund Bailey was introduced by teacher John Gallagher.

SI STARS April 2018 010 Madelynne Jones Jolene G – PAHS junior Madelynne Jones was introduced by choral instructor Jolene Gailey.

SI STARS April 2018 018 Hollee Schnabel Jon P – PAHS junior Hollee Schnabel was introduced by Captain Jonathan Picker, senior Navel science instructor for NJROTC.

SI STARS April 2018 024 Mariah Givens – Lincoln High School junior Mariah Givens was recognized for Academics.

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