Hamilton Students Chosen as Students of the Month

Hamilton Students Chosen as Students of the Month
Posted on 05/02/2017
Hamilton Students Chosen as Students of the MonthPort Angeles, Wash. – Hamilton Elementary students, Deckard Vaughn and Heidi Williams, were honored by Principal Gary Pringle and School Board President Joshua Jones at the April 27 board meeting as Port Angeles School District Students of the Month. Vaughn and Williams, both in sixth grade, were selected by Hamilton staff as part of a district-wide program honoring exemplary students during the 2016-17 school year.  

“At Hamilton Elementary, we place a lot of emphasis on leadership,” Principal Gary Pringle said. “I look for my sixth graders to lead by example…to be the ones who set the tone for how we are at school.  We place a lot of responsibility on our sixth graders.”

“Deckard Vaughn was with us in first grade,” Pringle continued, “then he went away, and then we were so enthused he came back and joined us in fourth grade. The leadership trait that Deckard has demonstrated here at Hamilton is one of perseverance and determination. Any assignment, any work that is put before him, no matter how hard his struggle, no matter how hard it is, he is determined and he perseveres during the entire task. He never complains, just asks for help when he needs it. He is a quiet leader and the students around him see him for this example and for his determination and perseverance.” 

“The leadership trait that Heidi puts forward is responsibility and mission accomplishment and initiative,” Pringle added. “If there is a task she sees or thinks needs to be done, I don’t even need to go find her, she comes up to me and says, ‘Mr. Pringle, do you need this to be done?’  I will say, ‘of course, yes I do.’ If someone is missing on patrol, I don’t have to hunt her down, she asks ‘Mr. Pringle, do you need me to go get this done?’  It doesn’t matter what the weather is … whether raining or snowing, as long as she knows she is being helpful. All her teachers at Hamilton know they can count on her to get the task done, mission accomplished.”

Congratulations to Deckard and Heidi!

Accompanying photo shows, left to right, School Board President Joshua Jones, Chris Williams (Heidi Williams’ dad), Heidi Williams, Deckard Vaughn, Shaina Vaughan (Deckard’s mom), and Hamilton Principal Gary Pringle. 

Photo Credit:  Port Angeles School District

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