George Washington Visits Hamilton Elementary

George Washington Visits Hamilton Elementary
Posted on 04/21/2017
George Washington Visits Hamilton ElementaryPort Angeles, Wash. - George Washington, as portrayed by Vern Frykholm from Sequim, paid a visit to Hamilton Elementary Monday, April 17 to share information about his life and presidency and to encourage use of library resources.  

Washington, the first president of the United States, prided himself as an “honest and trusted man.”  He won all electoral votes during elections for his presidencies and said this was due in large part to his honesty.  Washington also encouraged “education as the best way to become a happy and virtuous person.”  

Washington told the students he and others wanted to create a Constitution that would last 50, 100, 200 years.  

He then led students through an exercise to describe “virtue.”   

Students responded with these descriptions of a virtuous person and how they envision necessary qualities in their own friendships:

Funny, but good funny.
Keeps their word.
“Gets me.”
No back stabbing. 

Washington agreed these were important characteristics in friendship and leadership.

Accompanying photos shows Hamilton fifth graders in George Kheriaty’s class as they ask Washington a question.  Left to right, are:  Mason Sergi, Washington, Samantha Collins and Olivia Owens-Barber.

Photo Credit:  Port Angeles School District

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