TTL4 - Type to Learn 4

This is everything you need to know to get started with Type To Learn version 4.

TTL4 (Type to Learn 4) 

Student accounts:  pasd123456 

Student password: pasd 

Account code: 158063 


TTL4 has student accounts setup for all students Kindergarten through Eighth grade.  Teacher accounts are also created for a all Elementary and Middle School teachers.  


The student accounts are based on the same user name we used for Pearson SuccessNet and Houghton Mifflin ThinkCentral.  The username is pasd123456 where 123456 is the students other ID in Skyward.   The password is pasd 


Teachers can create and manage classes, track improvement, and give assignments and assessments.  Reports can also be created to share progress with family members.   


Teacher/student management is on the web at  http://teacher.ttl4.com/  Our district account code is: 158063 

Students are can use the product at school and at home.  Software can be downloaded at http://ttl4.sunburst.com/downloads/