Chromebook Basics



What are the differences between a Chromebook and a laptop?

A Chromebook is a lightweight "laptop" designed to operate and run only the Chromium operating system. It updates automatically, can be managed by district staff, and is easily resetable. Check out this video to learn more: http://goo.gl/XFMeZP

Tips When Using Chromebooks

  • Always use two hands when carrying a Chromebook/laptop.

  • Be sure to plug them in when done.

  • Check out to specific students is a good idea.

  • Keep water away from chromebooks. Leave water bottle on the floor.

  • When not using it, close it to save battery.


Getting to know your Keyboard.

The keyboard of a Google Chromebook is very similar to that of a windows machine. However, there are some slight differences. The picture below points out those key differences.


Logging in

School district domain is “gg.pasd.wednet.edu”. This is auto-populated on the chromebooks so you won’t need to type it in as part of your username.

To get your faculty or student password for Google, please contact the tech department via hdesk@portangelesschools.org

Faculty Login
Username: flast@gg.pasd.wednet.edu

Student login
Username: otherid@gg.pasd.wednet.edu

Example Student Account
User: 0801234

After Logging In
Once logged in, choose an avatar (you can use your image if you use the camera to take your picture)


You can also login to Google from your PC (Don’t do this on a shared/Lab computer). Launch Chrome and login using your full Google email address. flast@gg.pasd.wednet.edu From a PC you can access all stored content and online applications.

Using the touchpad

To click using the touchpad either press down on the lower half of the touchpad or quickly tap to click.

The touchpad can sense multiple fingers. Right-click by tapping with two fingers. Scroll by sliding two fingers up or down to scroll vertically or left and right to scroll horizontally.

Drag & Drop
Drag and drop by clicking and holding an object with one finger they use another finger to slide and release the object in it new location.


docsGoogle Docs
A word processing program similar to Microsoft Word

docsGoogle Sheets
A data processing program similar to Microsoft Excel

docsGoogle Slides
A presentation program similar to Microsoft Powerpoint

docsGoogle Forms
Google Forms is used for creating surveys, quizzes, or any other form needed for gathering user input

docsGoogle Drawing
An drawing program that can be used for creating sketches, diagrams / flowcharts, and many other things.

Saving Files

No More Lost Data
With Google, you no longer have to click "SAVE" to save your data, Google automatically saves your documents every 2 seconds to your Google Drive. This allows for constant backup and should the power go out or you lose your connection, you know that your data is still there.

Files can also be saved and transferred back and forth between a USB drive and Google drive. However, doing so may create an opportunity for loss of data.

Screen Shots

Using the following key combination, you can take screenshots on your Google Chromebook. This will create a picture file in your saved files folder on your Google drive.


Bookmarking a page


Click the star in the address bar to add a bookmark.

Settings move with you

All settings, bookmarks, themes, apps, and extensions move with your account no matter what Chromebook you log into.

Sign out when done

Be sure to sign out of your Chromebook one you have finished your session. This can be done by either using the red "Sign Out" button in the bottom right corner of the screen or simply closing the lid.