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Our Vision

Port Angeles High School will be a personalized, rigorous, student-centered learning community that respects our democratic heritage and values diversity in order to create a better world.

Our Mission

To prepare students for a lifetime of learning by creating a foundation for personal success.

For more information on Port Angeles High School, click here to view Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Washington State Report Card information.

Reflections on the 2015-16 School Year

Port Angeles High School staff continues to help students master the essential curriculum, as defined by reading, writing and math standards, and provides core skills to enable students to meet the Washington State graduation requirements. As a result of collaboration and diligence, student achievement results made some advances:

  • Our 4-year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate increased from 81.7% (2014) to 84.8% (2015). Our 5-year grad rate increased from 83.5% to 87%.
  • PAHS Native American students as a sub-group scored 10% higher in 2016 than 2015 on the Grade 10 English Language Arts (ELA) Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), 14% higher than native students statewide.
  • Our 10th graders scored 13.9% above the state average on the new SBA Math Exam. Juniors scored 14% above the state average. 
  • Our students scored 11% higher than the state average on the Biology End-of Course Exam.
Plans for the 2016-17 School Year

The Port Angeles High School building clear and shared focus involves four goals this year:
  1. Support the district focus on math (and literacy).
    Our students generally perform well on state math exams. Teachers are working to reconcile instructional practices with the shifts brought by Common Core Math Standards. The lack of available curricular material and texts that align with the Common Core Standards has been a barrier to progress. Literacy has been a strength of our program as well, although the gender gap in ELA scores is troubling. We are addressing the gender gap by providing training intended to distribute responsibility for literacy instruction across the disciplines. A new initiative this year is our two-period Freshman English/Science 9 “pod” with enhanced literacy instruction, aimed at students who did not meet standard on the 8th grade ELA state exam.
  2. Double down on student engagement.
    Research studies from the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction link high dropout rates with student disengagement. Although PAHS students rate the school high on engagement, we intend to double down on the strategies to increase student engagement, as research indicates this will help not only students at risk of dropping out, but all students.
  3. Develop capacity of teacher teams.
    The evolution of teacher teams for professional development and collaboration at PAHS takes a turn this year as we reorganize teams around topics based on teacher interest. It is hoped that this will lead to deeper engagement and transfer of new insights into the teachers’ professional practice.
  4. Address the graduation requirements formerly known as Core 24.
    While students are able to earn 26 or more credits under our current organizational scheme/schedule (semesters…six-period day + advisory), there exist options that may provide benefits such as more flexibility to explore career paths and elective interests. Students who struggle academically might benefit from a different schedule that provides more opportunities to re-take failed classes or make up a shortage of credits. We will investigate the options this year and develop a recommendation to either stay with what’s working or proceed in a different direction.
Port Angeles High School’s strategies for student remediation and enrichment include: two periods of Algebra Lab; two periods of Geometry Lab; Credit Recovery program for students need to make up certain Social Studies or English courses; Collection of Evidence (COE) Geometry class offered to those seniors who need to satisfy the state assessment requirements in Math; Collection of Evidence (COE) English class offered to those seniors who need to satisfy the state assessment requirements in ELA;  academic support classes during Advisory; Honor Society tutoring offered during Advisory; NJROTC peer tutoring during Advisory classes; six sections of learning strategies offered to students who need help managing their homework and classwork load; AmeriCorps tutoring continues this year serving students before school, advisory period, lunch, and after school.

Professional Development

Annually, the District will provide opportunities for collaborative professional development to enhance staffs’ capacities to close student achievement gaps and will continue regularly scheduled collaborative time in and between schools so teachers can support each other in understanding student achievement data and its connection to instructional strategies, curriculum and assessment.  Department collaboration time will be dedicated to examining student work, discussing instructional strategies and designing course calendars and syllabi.  

Our Wednesday Morning collaborative time is divided between department time and team time. This year teams have been reorganized based on teacher interest, and the topics are as follows:  Math Book Study, Standards-Based Assessment, Freshman Literacy Pod, Advanced Placement Strategies, Learning Strategies Support, Technology/Web Page, Science Book Study, Counseling Department Book Study, Male Literacy, Community Book Study, Autism Study Group, World Language Acquisition, Schedule Options Study Group, Pro-Cert Cohort and National Board Cert Cohort.

School Climate

A recent Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) survey of parents indicated support for Port Angeles High School in the following areas:  high standards & expectations, 93%; supportive learning environment, 91%; collaboration and communication, 88%; and effective leadership, 87%.  Ninety-one percent of students showed support for high standards and expectations. Additional parent, staff and student survey results are available from your school principal.

Clear, consistent communication with parents and the community is a critical component to on-time graduation for our students. Skyward Student and Family Access will continue to offer families and students the ability to monitor academic progress and attendance. The PAHS website, activities calendar and electronic reader board provide avenues of communication for our constituents. 

How You Can Help

Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed, but not all children learn in the same way at the same time. The parents, friends of Port Angeles High School students and our community are all instrumental in providing the additional support that makes learning at the high school motivating and rewarding. We need your support to continue our rich history of a high school that cares for kids and celebrates success. Please call us at 360.452.7602.

Use and Condition of Building

Port Angeles High School is a campus style school comprised of 11 buildings on approximately 33 acres. Dates of construction range from 1953 through 1978. The facility supports grade nine through grade twelve classrooms, as well as outdoor fields for district and community recreation. The physical evaluation of the high school buildings ranged from a low of 25.5% to a high of 56.4% based on a January 7, 2008 study and survey by BLRB Architects. Facility Use and Conditions Report available at the Port Angeles School District office.

Port Angeles High School Statistics
Enrollment (FTE)
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Classroom Teachers (FTE) 61
Support Staff (FTE) 8.8
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Graduation Rate

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Port Angeles School District Report Card, reportcard.ospi.k12.wa.us.

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Port Angeles High School Report Card

PAHS Tenth Grade 2013-2016 Assessment Trend
High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE), Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Citizen Complaints-Federal Programs

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