Race Equality Essay Contest Winners Announced

Race Equality Essay Contest Winners Announced
Posted on 03/06/2017
Race Equality Essay Contest Winners AnnouncedPort Angeles, Wash. - The annual Race Equality Essay Contest winners will be honored at an awards presentation ceremony on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at Port Angeles City Hall, beginning at 6:00 p.m. 

This year’s winners, including their schools and teachers, are:

2017 Winners: Student Name, School, (Teacher)

1st Place, Grade K:     Logan Wyatt Botero, Franklin (Kyle Tallmadge)   
2nd Place, Grade K:     Jonah Poovey, Jefferson (Jeanne Wolfley)
3rd Place, Grade K:     Kya Baker, Roosevelt (Molly Hibler)

1st Place, Grade 1:     Addisyn Horton, Jefferson (Kristen Lunt)    
2nd Place, Grade 1:     Levi Jimenez, Jefferson (Kristen Lunt)   
3rd Place, Grade 1:     Evelyn Johnson, Roosevelt (Jody Adams)

1st Place, Grade 2:     Chloe Pearson, Hamilton (Tess Heydorn)          
2nd Place, Grade 2:     Henry Zelenka, Hamilton (Kathleen Schmidt)
3rd Place, Grade 2:     Miriam Cobb, Franklin (Nancy LeBlanc)

1st Place, Grade 3:     Nicholas Morrison, Jefferson (Evan Murphy)
2nd Place, Grade 3:     Milo Smith, Roosevelt (Erika Kuch)
3rd Place Tie, Grade 3: Arlo Pullara, Roosevelt (Terri Longin)

1st Place, Grade 4:     Brodey Jacobs, Roosevelt (Kathryn Hartman)
2nd Place, Grade 4:     Cole Beeman, Roosevelt (Angela Mordecai-Smith)
3rd Place, Grade 4:     Liz Munro, Jefferson (Raena Young)

1st Place, Grade 5:     Isabelle Felton, Dry Creek (Britney Martin)
2nd Place, Grade 5:     Lauryn Chapman, Roosevelt (Karen Doran)
3rd Place, Grade 5:     Jackson Tesreau, Franklin (Gunnar Thomason)

1st Place, Grade 6:     Lillien Erlwein, Franklin (Maria Kays)
2nd Place, Grade 6:     Zackary Pierce, Roosevelt (Bill Prorok)
3rd Place, Grade 6:     Bryant Hoch, Jefferson (Jessica Bruning)

The contest drew 112 essays from Port Angeles School District elementary students. Principals from each elementary school submitted up to five top essays for judging from each grade level. 

The winning essays will be displayed at the Port Angeles School District Central Services Building, 216 East Fourth Street, through the March 9 Board meeting, then will be sent to each school for return to the students.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message of racial equality is a focal point for the contest.

Students are given various prompts which range in difficulty level according to grade level. The 2017 prompts are as follows:
Kindergarten:  Draw a picture of yourself and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Write about what you do to make the world a fair place. (Brainstorm ideas of what you may do at home or in the classroom or the playground.)

Grade 1:  Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted everyone to be treated fairly.  Explain why it is important to treat others fairly and how it makes you feel.  Use examples from your own life, from books you have read, or from discussions to help you explain.

Grade 2:  Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted peace for everyone.  Explain what you could do to make your school more peaceful, and how being kind and thoughtful makes our school have less conflict.

Grade 3:  Martin Luther King, Jr. was someone who inspired others to be better people.  Explain what was amazing about Martin Luther King, Jr.   Use evidence from the text to support your opinion. (Brainstorm a list of traits with class, such as brave, inspiring, kind, etc.  Have students choose one of these traits and use evidence from the text to support their opinion.)

Grade 4:  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a special person who did great things to make our world a better place.  Write an opinion paper, using evidence from the text explain what Martin Luther King, Jr. accomplished and why in your opinion those accomplishments make him a great man.    (Use a video and an article and give students a graphic organizer to take notes.)


Evidence from video

Evidence from text







Grade 5: Martin Luther King, Jr. was considered a hero.  Heroes share certain personality characteristics. Choose one or two characteristics that support why MLK is considered a hero. Use evidence from the sources (video, article and quotes) to support your choices. Be sure to cite your sources in your essay. 

MLK Jr. Characteristic



Evidence of that characteristic for person that you know









Grade 6:  Martin Luther King, Jr. was someone whose words inspired others and made a lasting impact on our country.  Choose one quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. and explain how that quote is important to you and how it could make a positive difference in your life.

For additional assistance, contact:

Tina Smith-O’Hara
Communications and Community Relations Coordinator
Port Angeles School District