Educators of the Month Announced

Educators of the Month Announced
Posted on 01/25/2017
Educators of the Month Announced Port Angeles, Wash. – KONP Radio’s Todd Ortloff surprised three Dry Creek Elementary teachers – Mickey Branham, Carrie Davis and Lucy Edwards – this morning to announce they share Educator of the Month honors in the KONP Radio-Umpqua Bank recognition program. 

Branham teaches first grade; Davis teaches third grade, and Edwards, kindergarten.

Nominations read as follows:

Mickey Branham
“Mickey goes above and beyond in her efforts to create a safe, stimulating and fun classroom community.  She has the ability to hold students accountable for their work and behavior while also showing care, attention and connection to each individual in her class. They are busy first graders doing lots of creative learning. Her love of her students is obvious, and she is a strong advocate for them. She is also a supportive team player with the staff members at Dry Creek, being willing to be on committees and the teacher rep with PTO. Dry Creek is a better place for her being there. Plus, as one of her students said, ‘She lets us go on fun field trips.  She is always nice and always helps us.’”

Carrie Davis
“Carrie is one of those quiet (heroes, gems) that students respond so well to and enjoy being in her class. She has a wonderful way with her students - they want to please her and do their best for her. She helps them feel that the challenges of third grade are manageable and that she is there for them, ready to help when needed. She has high expectations for her students, which allows them to feel good about themselves and that the work they put forth is worth the effort.  She is a steady, dependable and efficient staff member that is supportive and helpful to others. One of her students said, ‘You were a really nice teacher.  You let us go on field trips.  You were always fair with every one.’”

Lucy Edwards
“Lucy is an incredible kindergartner teacher, which is saying a lot!! She has the amazing ability to take students with a wide range of skill levels and bring them up to first grade readiness. She does this by using every moment of the day as a teachable moment, counting and reading everyday objects in everyday activities. She uses her creative talent in so many ways that bring interest, learning, and fun to the classroom. She is constantly juggling several things at once, whether it's constant questions, running noses, challenging behaviors, wiggly bodies - such is the life of a kindergartner teacher! She works with her students always from a positive perspective, creating an encouraging, caring and safe environment. She is a strong and compassionate advocate for her students and their families. Lucy is tireless in her own professional development, and is willing to share and support her coworkers.”

Umpqua Bank joined the seven-year-old old recognition program begun by KONP and the Port Angeles School District as a sponsor in 2014 and awards each recipient with a gift card. KONP features the awardees’ nominations and awards in announcements throughout the month on KONP 1450 AM.

The Educator of the Month program is organized with the help of local students, staff and community members to honor school staff members. Nominations for featured staff in the Port Angeles, Sequim and Crescent School Districts, plus Queen of Angels and Olympic Christian Schools are solicited throughout the fall and announced monthly throughout the school year. 

There’s still time to nominate your favorite teacher or staff member for the KONP-Umpqua Bank’s Educator of the Month program. A teacher you’ve admired, a paraeducator, a custodian, a school secretary.  Sequim and Port Angeles residents are asked to send their nominee’s name and school, plus tell us why your nominee should be honored as Educator of the Month.  Mail or drop off your entry at KONP - 721 E. 1st Street - in Port Angeles. 

Accompanying photo shows, left to right, KONP Radio-Educators of the Month Lucy Edwards, Carrie Davis and Mickey Branham, all teachers at Dry Creek Elementary.

Congratulations, Mickey Branham, Carrie Davis and Lucy Edwards! Thank you for your great work on behalf of Port Angeles students! Thank you for the care and support you give the students at Dry Creek!

For additional assistance, contact:

Tina Smith-O’Hara
Communications and Community Relations Coordinator
Port Angeles School District