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District Budget Information


How the Budget is Developed

Developing the District budget is about a ten month process, beginning in late October.  It involves setting revenue estimates, reviewing current spending patterns, prioritizing goals for expenditures and cash reserves, and drafting a budget for review and approval by the Board of Directors.  The process involves ongoing review and input from District staff, the Board of Directors and the public, concluding with public hearings and adoption in August.

The first step in developing the budget is making a projection of enrollment for the new year. This information is used to set revenue estimates and staffing levels. Spending patterns for the current budget are reviewed by District staff and department heads. These spending patterns are compared to those of other regional and state-wide districts in areas such as teaching, administration, utilities, transportation, etc. This information is used to identify areas for increased or decreased spending goals.

Goals of the budgeting process include: District-wide needs, maintaining a prudent cash reserve and building and department needs.

A draft budget document is prepared in May. The actual document is a state-required format, and is quite lengthy. The district prepares a summary document that provides less detail and more explanation of the budget.

Throughout the process, the budget is modified based on changes in legislation, enrollment, needs or priorities.  State law requires school districts to have a budget available for public review by July 10 and to hold a public hearing on the budget prior to adoption, usually in August.

When the draft budget is completed, copies are available for public review at the Port Angeles School District Central Services Building, 216 East Fourth Street.